Friday, August 13, 2010

Dian Pelangi's veildo inspiration

I like how Dian Pelangi wears her hijab. Luckily, she gaves us the tutorial (you can check here). Then i follow it, but i make it a little different. I substitute the head-fitted (what Dian Pelangi wears inner her hijab) with a scarf and pin it on the front side to make something different (i don't know what it called). And, this is the result...:)

How about you, what's your favorite veildo, hijabists??




  1. aku udah pernah nyoba juga ngikutin dian pelangi, tp kata kakakku aneeh, huhuhu... ntr dicoba lagi ahh.. :D
    You look great and different!

  2. kalo pure ngikutin Dian Pelangi bgt sih aku jg aneh, soalnya mukaku bulet, heee, jadi diakalin kayak gini deh. hehe
    btw, TQ dear.. :)

  3. awww you look cute mashallah
    great blog, keep it up :)

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    love and peace

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    love and peace