Sunday, February 13, 2011

My occupation is all about stripe-ties

Bad news!! Times goes so fast. Tomorrow will be Monday again. Ughh. I hope that someday, I could have an occupation that makes me anthusiastic facing the work-day and happy in doing that. Amin.

Good news!! I'm soooo happy i had this stripes dress. It because of it was one of my f items i wanna try (yeah, you can see my lists in the right side). And i'm so comfortable then confident wearing this. Yeaaa..alhamdulillaaahh :D

dress by OMG butik


  1. aaahhh lucuuu stripesnya... panjang pula :D
    paling seneng (dan susah nyarinya) ama dress selutut gitu...

  2. iya aku juga suka dan nyaman banget pake ini, terimakasih ya tiaaaaa :)