Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's been soooo looonggg i don't update my blog. Am i busy? Err..no! Hehehe.

Hola, Purple!
Yes, i'm a moody person. In fashion. I wore much purple stuffs in last March. Did it indicate something? Did it describe my feeling? Was my feeling so purplish in that moment? Hem..

Oh ya, i have two blogs now: this blog (UOY EVOL I) and this (alavya's). I think it would better if I just have one blog. I wouldn't confuse with "Which blog i have to update first?" or "In which blog i would be better put this post?" thoughts. Do you agree with me that i will non-activate "alavya's" and optimize "UOY EVOL'I"? Just let me try..oke? :)

FYI, I had thought that this blog was for expressing my passionate in fashion (mix 'n match, sewing), while the other facilitated my writing (poem, fiction) passion. Annnnd "just one blog" idea leads me to to another idea: that my blog will differ with another blogs. Hehe.

Once again..

Just let me try..