Sunday, April 17, 2011


I really like "photo-editing" :))

What's software you use?
Microsoft Office Picture Manager. And...paint. Haha.

What???? Why don't you use..err something more hi-tech, just like...adobe photoshop maybe??
There's no adobe photoshop program in my PC. I also don't have Corel Draw program :-(

Whew!! Hare geneeee.

Yeah, let's positive thinking. At least, you are able to optimize those programs you have. Oke, um...How's your photo editing result look like?
It's Hihihi.

How about B/W?
Um..I prefer choose colourful to B/W. Sometimes it's looked gloomy, or..just like past time. Hehe.

Ow-ya?? No. You are wrong. You have to try!!
Ah, oke, let me try..

Let me see..
Let my picture be seen..

Skyrt-ITC Kebon Kalapa//Cardigan-DIY//Syawl-Pasar Baru can check how the cardigan is made here :)

Thank you :)


  1. aw aw..keren mke Microsoft Office Picture Manager n paint.. you very creative ^^