Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gold Radiance

I looked into my cabinet, and realized there was nothing looked interesting. It meant that I need new cloth! So I looked into my wallet, and there was no budget for it. After all, it is what I can do..

Gold dress-unbranded//Offwhite jebaya-custom made//Offwhite belt-unbranded//
Gold bangle-Ps. Baru Trade Center

I like how they (the kebaya's embroidery and the dress's frills) meet. <3 it.

What is radiance?
Radiance is about....reflection. It is how amount of 'light' that is reflected from yourself. Whether it is bright or dark; it is bright enough to enlighten others or vice versa.

Who is 'bright' poeple?
They are people who brave to reach her own dream and help others do the same.

Why do 'help others reach their dream' become important?
Go live alone if you don't want to do that. And it's impossible. Hehe.

And...How radiance are you?
Me? GOLD. It's an acronym for Go bold: to be bright, brighten and enlighten. Insya Allaah :)

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