Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Green scarf: unbranded
Greeny fringe scarf as a cape: Ps. Baru Trade Center
Creme shirt: Ps. Baru Trade Center
Blue jeans: unbranded
Glasses: gift

What are you doing?
I'm starting...um..something..a project.

And then..?
Then I realize that I start this from zero. And it's h.a.r.d.

Then you simply want to give up, HEH?!
Oh, NO! Haha.

SO, what?
I realize that: 1. I made many mistakes and I think it's normal. 2. It's so hard to reach our dream, work in our loved job. I can't imagine if I work in any field I don't like, I would be superhard, superstressed. Hehe.

Fighting! Never give up! :*
I am. I will. Thank you :))

Btw, I start to use Photoscape in editing photos (look at the first pict). Haha. Give me a score! Nine? Seven? Five, or..zero? Ahaha.


  1. ah Tiaaaaa, jadi malu sama Tia *tutup muka* *minta Tia tuker pin BB* hehe