Monday, June 18, 2012


You says, "sorry doesn't come from SUJU", so where does it come from?
It comes from our ownself.

W-wow! Do you? Could you?
Yup. We are able singing 'sorry' by ourself. Just be honest, and 'the song' will sing by itself.

How can you sing the song as well as SUJU? I worry...
Oh, I believe, that I, you, we can better that SUJU in singing that song. Just be honest!

*still worry face*
We're human. Of course we do (many) mistakes. We have to be honest, that yes, we, um.. I did a mistake,  I am wrong. I am so sorry. Please, forgive me.

To whom do you say sorry?
To me, to ourself. We often too hard to ourself. We hard to forgive our mistakes :(

*teary* What should we do?
Release...! Make youself free. That we're human. Of course we do (many) mistakes. Just sing 'sorry' from your heart, be honest, and you will be better than (just a) SUJU.

Sorry... :)

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